cctv brochure

East Lothian cctv fitters here to help

East Lothian cctv have a new fantastic informative cctv brochure. For more information please call.

We have been working in East Lothian for years most of the old buildings castles and manor houses have all been effected by some sort of crime so East Lothian cctv have put together a small range of cameras designed for historic scotlands castles and mansion houses this allows the cameras to blend into an old building without making it look like a prison. We also want the cameras to look fitting on a building and not totally out of place. Some of East Lothians houses and estates are 300 year old. So installing our new eco green cameras you can watch the cameras blend into the building. Off course the cameras are also a great aid in fighting crime however we don't want to spoil the look of a building at the same time. East Lothian cctv engineers have a discrete installation policy as where we take into consideration the age and cosmetics of your building. without compromising on crime prevention.