East Lothian cctv

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East Lothian crime has increased over the past few years so keeping your camera systems up to date and modern is now a must. Don't wait until your a victim of crime before you decide to by a cctv system get a free quote now.

We have systems so suit your budget and requirements.

Planning,design,installation,and IT setup.

Our new pan tilt zoom cameras can be seen all over the east coast in and around East Lothian. Please ask for a free demo. The new cameras all have smart detectors built in voice over ip and smart motion detect. The camera will follow you right through your property. So when you play back the footage you will see the camera moving along with the criminal.

East Lothian cctv are at the cutting edge of camera technology and innovation. Our cctv camera systems are mostly tailor made to suit the customers exact requirements and off course budget. All our systems come with 5 years warranty and free on going support. We understand how fast technology goes out of date even a 6 year old system is now old hat. So we have decided to up grade our system software every 12 months. This is a first for any company to do this however our customers will always have the very latest software and user platform keeping YOUR cctv system upto date FOR FREE.

We now install RR SONIC network switches for all our camera systems.